Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis has shared the tips he thinks can land travellers a free flight upgrade.

The Money Saving Expert founder spoke about how to get a free flight upgrade on his podcast - The Martin Lewis Podcast on Wednesday (November 15) using personal experiences, expert advice and stories from listeners to come up with the best ways 

Mr Lewis wasn't just looking at small upgrades, but ones that made "big differences that you would pay the big bucks for".

So helping bump people up from economy to premium economy; premium economy to business; or business to first class.

He said while free flight upgrades were "as rare as a unicorn's horn" they weren't a myth.

Martin Lewis' tips to get a free flight upgrade

Martin Lewis shared a number of different tips during his podcast on Wednesday aimed at helping listeners get a free flight upgrade the next time they travel.

A woman had messaged the show sharing her experience of a free upgrade on a British Airways flight that she had received because she didn’t get angry when told there was no vegetarian meal, leading Mr Lewis into his first round of tips.

He said: "Be polite but let them know when there’s a problem.

"Use whatever you’ve got - if it’s your birthday, if you’re on honeymoon especially, if it’s your anniversary those are things to try as well with a little smile, let them know in advance.

"If you know someone that works on an airline, they sometimes have allocations to be able to do favours for friends, so if you know someone that works at a check-in desk or especially someone that works very senior high up in the airline use that as well of course.”

Mr Lewis added timing could also be crucial if trying to claim a free flight upgrade.

He said to “either check in very early, or very late".

What happens if you miss your flight due to airport delays?

The Money Saving Expert said: “Checking in late works because they’re looking for the last customers, they’re seeing exactly who’s on the plane and where they’ve got capacity to fill it.

“I’m not saying check in late, I’m saying for your best chances check in early or check in late. It’s in the middle that doesn’t work.”

Using your title - if you are a Doctor, Professor, Judge, etc. - is also another way that could help get a free upgrade according to Mr Lewis.

There are also cheap upgrade options that people can attempt to get.

Mr Lewis shared a story about him and his wife on a flight back from New York.

He said he had used his points to get an upgrade to business but awkwardly had left his wife flying in economy.

They simply asked for an upgrade upon arrival at the airport and she was bumped up to premium economy for £140 rather than the £600/£700 they had seen it priced at while booking ahead of time.

Asking at the airport for an upgrade - premium economy £140 instead of booking prior.