Margate On The Rocks?



By Henry Thompson, Christ’s Hospital


Margate has been through many ups and downs through the years, however it has slowly been gentrified and is now a cultural and artistic landmark of Britain.


Margate was once a bustling holiday destination for Brits from the 1730s to the 1970s before low cost holidays to places like Spain and Portugal became popular and its appeal faded. In the years since Margate has steeply declined in both popularity and prosperity. During a four month study conducted between January and October 2018 Margate was proven the third most dangerous place in Kent with a violent or sexual crime being committed every six and a half hours. Along with it being the twenty-first most deprived place in the UK it is clear to see that Margate is now just a ghost of the glamorous tourist location it once was.


However recently it has been regenerated by waves of Londoners moving to the seaside town, to escape the smoke, busyness and fast paced life in the big city - in favour of the clean air and relatively small community in a seaside town. Bringing money made from selling their expensive homes in the capital and investing it in new houses in Margate. The excess funds many of them have are spending it in small businesses and sometimes even opening up their own shops, which further boosts the local economy. 


As crime, homelessness and unemployment rates have all soared throughout Margate in recent years there has been a battle to return it to its former glory and statistics look hopeful. We will all just have to wait and see what the coming years have to hold for a small seaside town.