Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling appeared on Capital Breakfast where they discussed their previous jobs, picking some they would go back to and others they’d rather leave in the past.

The actors both have key roles in the upcoming Barbie movie with Robbie playing Barbie and Gosling taking on the role of Ken.

The pair were interviewed by Sian Welby as they promote the Barbie movie.

Margot Robbie says she wouldn’t return to her role as a ‘dish pig’

Sian Welby asked Robbie and Gosling: “Going back through your life, like I say Barbie can have any profession but is there any job in your history that you would be glad not to go back to, you don't want to be that Barbie?”

The Mail: Sian Welby talked to Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling as the pair promoted the upcoming Barbie movieSian Welby talked to Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling as the pair promoted the upcoming Barbie movie (Image: Global)

Margot Robbie told Welby that she wouldn’t like to return to her job as a “dish pig” as “that wasn’t fun.”

Robbie replied: “Oh, I loved all my other jobs. I'm trying to think… I wouldn't want to be pot washer Barbie anymore…, I've been a dish pig and I'm happy to leave that behind, that wasn't fun.

“I actually didn't love working in retail either I found it kind of boring. I liked being a checkout chick, I liked working behind a bar waitressing. You know things where it's like you're busy.”

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Gosling also admitted he “was a pot-washing Barbie too” and agreed with Robbie saying he didn’t enjoy the job either.

He said: “I was a pot-washing Barbie too, I didn't I didn't love it either, it was a loveless wash.”

His response caused the three of them to laugh before moving on to talk about how some dishes take longer to scrub clean.

Gosling went on to promote his wife Eva Mendes’ cleaning sponges, saying: “Eva Mendes makes a sponge, like a Skura sponge, I just think it’s a good opportunity to say that it’s an amazing sponge. It tells you when it's ready to be changed, the logo fades when it's time to change it.”

Robbie replied: “I literally saw this on her Instagram, I was like, ‘that's genius.’”