Viewers of the Hairy Bikers Go Local were saddened last week as the show came to an end.

After 8 episodes of adventures and truly delicious food, the pair wrote on Instagram that the show had “sadly come to an end.”

They said: “Sadly, the series has come to an end.

“We hope you enjoyed the series and the journey we went through with each episode, we look forward to seeing you on your telly sometimes soon.

“Be sure to catch all of the episodes from GO LOCAL on iPlayer!”

Fans flooded the comments sharing their disappointment, with one writing: “It was too short!!!! Need more screen time with you guys!”

How to get the Hairy Bikers Go Local recipes

Despite the show being over, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy all the good foods the Bikers cooked and tried throughout their journeys.

You can find all the recipes on the BBC website here.

All 26 recipes are included, as well as all the episodes for you to catch up on, or rewatch as you cook.

Recipes include the seaweed bread bruschetta, coriander and kefir chutney, and the Hirata bao buns.

You can find all the recipes and episodes of Hairy Bikers Go Local here.