Do you consider yourself a Royalist? Or do you frown at the mention of Monarchy?

Whether you love the Royal Family or not, as the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee weekend approaches, chances are you haven’t stopped hearing about it wherever you turn.

So, where in the UK do you think people are most obsessed with the royal family?

Holidu, the search engine for holiday rentals, decided to investigate the cities that take to the internet in order to keep up with the British royals.

After analysing the average number of monthly Google searches for Royal-related search terms in the past 12 months, the cities were ranked based on the highest number of searches in proportion to population.

Be it out of admiration or not, these cities are the most royal-obsessed in the UK!

The Mail: (PA)(PA)

Durham has been revealed to be the most royal-obsessed city in the UK.

The people of Durham searched for Meghan Markle more than any other Royal family member with an average of 2900 searches per month in the last year.

Joint second most popular members in Durham are Prince Harry and Queen Elizabeth with 2400 searches each.

Welsh cities find themselves at the opposite end of this ranking, however, with Newport officially being the least royal-obsessed city in the UK with a total of only 54 monthly searches per 10,000 people in the past year (compared to Durham’s 2480).

The Welsh capital of Cardiff is also the 3rd least royal-obsessed city in the UK, but with a slightly higher average of 172 searches per month per every 10,000 people.

Top 10 most royal obsessed cities


Most to least royal obsessed cities


You can view the full study here.