Volunteers at Ulverston Community Health Centre have explained why they are helping to deliver the Covid-19 vaccine to local residents.

Starting last Friday, eligible patients have been guided through the centre by volunteers as they receive the jab from the centre’s health workers.

Neil Fleming, alongside Caroline Smith, has helped recruit 160 volunteers for the vaccine rollout, mostly through their Facebook group, Ulverston Self Isolation Group.

The pair have set up a system where there will be morning and afternoon shifts, which will each have two shift leaders and nine volunteers working during them, equating to 22 volunteers every day.

Neil said: “The volunteers have a good understanding of the importance of the vaccination programme.

“It’s not often that we all come together and all pull in the same direction as a community.

“It is nice to see the people coming in to get their vaccinations and seeing their relief at receiving the jab.”

One volunteer, Chris Harvey, who worked the first shift on Friday afternoon, has highlighted the positive atmosphere at the centre.

He added: “I wanted to do something to help, I’m not working currently and I’ve got time to do something useful.

“It was so good to see everyone being so positive about it and there was a really nice atmosphere.

“There is certainly now a feeling that there is light at the end of the tunnel.”

Another volunteer, Paul Glass, said: “Everyone in the world has had a difficult time during the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Now that the vaccines are available, I think it’s probably one of the top priorities for the government to deliver this programme and I thought: ‘What can I do to help achieve this programme?’

“It’s a national issue and every community needs to do their bit.

“The sooner we get everyone vaccinated the better and we can start getting back to normality.”

Vaccinations are also taking place at the Alfred Barrow Health Centre and Millom’s Waterloo House GP Surgery.

After her mother had received the jab at the Barrow centre, Julie, revealed she was inspired to help vaccinate the community.

Julie said: “We were so relieved once my mum had her vaccine in Barrow, that I really wanted to help others to get theirs as soon as possible.”