A TOWN'S Remembrance Sunday service will be held in a different building this year due to delays in work at the usual venue.

The service in Millom on November 13 will take place at the Salvation Army Citadel in Newton Street.

Event organisers were expecting that the usual venue, St George's Church, would reopen in time, but delays in replacing the 150-year-old heating system has signalled a change of plan.

The church closed its doors in the middle of August after asbestos was discovered when work was being carried out to replace the outdated heating system.

As work went on, engineers discovered further traces of the substance, which has led to the latest delays in the work.

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Councillor Ray Cole, Millom Town Councillor and warden at St George's Church, says that the delays were unavoidable.

He said: "We did anticipate the church being ready for Remembrance Sunday but then we found traces of other asbestos.

"Work is taking place on Monday to remove that but that was taking us very, very close to Remembrance Sunday.

"Therefore we decided to err on the side of caution so we made alternative arrangements."

The Remembrance service at the Salvation Army Citadel will take place at 10am.

The parade will set off from the Pensioners Hall in Mainsgate Road at 10.15am before making its way to Newton Street for the service.

Once that has been completed, the parade will process towards Millom War Memorial where further prayers will be said and the Last Post will be performed before a two minute silence.

Further respects will be paid in Haverigg after the proceedings.

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Although disappointed that the service won't be at St George's this year but is grateful for the support of the Salvation Army.

He said: "It is a shame. It's the main church in the town but circumstances dictated and thankfully we have the Salvation Army.

"The service has always been at St George's but we are fortunate to have an alternative venue."

Despite the change of venue, Cllr Cole is hopeful that people continue to turn out in support of the cause and is encouraging everyone to pay their respects.

He said: "It's not just about remembering the people who died in the first and second world wars but everything since.

"These men and women gave their lives so we might have our freedom. You can't put a price on that but they did - they gave their lives. It was the ultimate price so it's so important that today's generation and the one to follow remember the sacrifice of these brave men and women."