THE Lakes International Comic Art Festival continues today (Sunday) with artists and comic book fanatics gathered in South Cumbria to celebrate the medium.

Kendal Town Hall was surrendered to more than 60 comic book writers, illustrators and retailers yesterday whose stalls and miniature exhibitions brought the venue to life.

Comic book collectors pored over signed works of art, indie comics, fanzines and sketches to try and find something to take home as a memento of the festival.

Award-winning and internationally renowned artists such as Kieron Gillen and Gary Erskine signed comics and discussed their work with fans from across the UK and abroad.

Ruskins has been transformed into The Walk Inn Dead where The Walking Dead artist Charlie Adlard spent two hours sketching and signing works while surrounded by an exhibition of unique and exclusive pieces of art by a host of different artists.

At the centre of the festival is Kendal’s Brewery Arts Centre, where notable artists and creators discussed their work at length in lively discussions with audiences.

British artist, Jock, was one of the first to speak to the audience, discussing his career and the different kinds of jobs that he has worked on since becoming a comic book illustrator.

Jock discussed his differing roles on films such as Dredd, Ex Machina and The Loser, in addition to explaining how a picture of Bruce Lee kicking a fireball at a wizard became one of his early pieces.

One of the most interesting revelations was the news that Jock has been hired to work on Star Wars Episode VIII with Rian Johnson, but he couldn’t reveal more about that work.

For younger comic readers, there was an early morning showing of the animated Justice League film, which was introduced by Darwyn Cooke, one of the key artists who worked on the source material.

In addition to this Bill Morrison, an early collaborator with Matt Groening on The Simpsons and Futurama, spoke about how he made his way into the industry after growing up in Detroit and spending two years drawing car parts.

The festival was continuing throughout today with a host of new and interesting names taking part in exhibitions, signings and talks.

The Art of Dave McKean panel was taking place at Brewery Arts Centre this morning. The legendary artist, who has worked with Neil Gaiman, Richard Dawkins and numerous musical artists such as Tori Amos and Alice Cooper, was spending an hour discussing his path into the world of comic books.

There will also be discussions on Manga as well as British graphic novels in addition to the exhibitions and showcases around the town.