A SOUTH Cumbrian entrepreneur has found two reasons to celebrate.

Chris Pearson will this spring mark the fifth anniversary of the founding of his own business - Hospitality Audit Services.

He can also raise a glass to the fact that in that time he has seen the amount of work he receives quadruple.

Hospitality Audit Services, which is based in Flookburgh, works internationally with several big names in the hospitality industry.

Outside of the the UK, its clients come from as far afield Barcelona, Paris, Amsterdam and even Monte Carlo.

After being made redundant in 2012, Mr Pearson set up the company to help hotels with tasks, including financial and operational audits, kitchen cost control, menu reviews and meeting health and safety regulations.

He employs five independent consultants and has contracts with The Hotel Collection, Handpicked Hotels, and Hallmark Hotels, as well as several global property management groups.

In the past year the company has worked with 150 hotels months – including the prestigious Fairmont Hotel in Monte Carlo - and has recently received inquiries from far-flung locations like Hawaii and Kuala Lumpur too.

Large hotel chains make financial and operational audits a top priority. He has noticed that few small independent hotels are requesting financial and kitchen audits, and help with stock controls or standard operating procedures.

Mr Pearson said: “Audits are a legal requirement for all public limited companies but crucially, they genuinely help smaller businesses run more smoothly and efficiently too.

"The success we’ve had over the past five years stems from helping other businesses to improve their bottom lines, by advising them on their margins, cash controls, their staffing and resourcing etc.

"It’s a must for all hospitality operators, not just something the big chains should do.”

The looming Brexit discussions concern Mr Pearson.

He said: “Thirty per cent of our turnover comes from hotels’ European offices.

"There are so many questions now and no indication from the government of what’s to come.

"If there are no plans laid out by the government, we can’t plan long-term.

"I’m proud to have built a strong business base, but am looking forward to more clarity about what the future will look like post-Brexit.”