WITNESSES in Barrow saw a jumbo jet apparently dumping fuel over Morecambe Bay ahead of an emergency landing on Friday. 

The Lufthansa flight LH404, a Boeing 747-800, was flying from Frankfurt to New York but diverted to Manchester airport at around 7pm. 

People from Barrow witnessed the plane flying low, with its wheels down and apparently dumping fuel over Morecambe Bay. 

A Manchester Airport spokesperson said: "An aircraft from Frankfurt to New York JFK made a divert into Manchester Airport and landed safely with approximately 360 people on board. 

"Airport and airline staff will ensure passengers are fully cared for until they can continue with their journey. Anyone wanting further information should contact the airline directly."

A spokesperson from Lufthansa said: "There was a technical warning but it was a false alarm and the pilot landed the plane as a precautionary measure."