A "REMARKABLY brave" support worker who had a long history of depression and alcoholism died after an overdose of a painkiller, an inquest ruled.

The body of Mark Livesey was found at his home in Larch Grove, Ulverston, on September 26 along with packets of medicine and bottles of alcohol.

An inquest at Barrow Town Hall yesterday (12/08) ruled his death was accidental as the level of dihydrocodeine he had taken for pain relief was not at a usually fatal level. 

However, the drug reacted with other prescription medicines he had taken as well as alcohol to create a dangerous combination, which is likely to have caused him to stop breathing while he slept.

Mr Livesey's sister, Karen Hardie, told the hearing she suspected the 39-year-old had started drinking again.

She said: "We spoke on the phone every month. He didn't say he was drinking again but I could tell by his voice."

Police were called to Mr Livesey's address after concerns for his welfare were raised by friends who had not heard from the Manchester City fan for a couple of days which was out of character for him.

His body was found in the lounge slumped on a sofa at approximately 8.15pm.

Gillian Hughes, a friend and Mr Livesey's former support worker, told the inquest that the promise of a new job as a higher grade support worker which didn't materialise prompted him to go on a downward spiral.

She said: "He felt he was assured of an upgrade. He had time off work because of it. He was so focused on it.

"He was amazing, innovative with the clients. He had an excellent rapour.

"He was remarkably brave."

Mr Livesey was inspired to become a support worker and help others suffering from addictions after he came out of rehab.

The inquest heard he ordered the dihydrocodeine online at The White Pharmacy by filling out a questionnaire a few days before his death.

Robert Chapman, assistant coroner for Cumbria, said: "He had an up and down life. He had quite a lot of trauma, depression and problem with alcohol.

"There is no evidence he intended to kill himself and I think he just took too many. It was as simple as that."