A MAN that is unable to curb his passion for drain covers has reached national fame for being named as one of Britain's most dullest men. 

Archie Workman, 60, from Penny Bridge has been named as one of 40 most dullest men in Britain in a new book called 'Dull Men of Great Britain'. 

Mr Workman started to attract attention for his drain spotting hobby after he produced a calendar for 2014, based upon drain covers, for Colton Parish Council. 

It wasn't long before he started receiving phone calls from the media. 

He said: "I work for Colton Parish Council as a lengthsman, which means I keep certain lengths of road tidy and that sometimes means unblocking drains. 

"I made the calendar as a joke to show Colton Parish Council what I actually do, before I knew it I was being interviewed on Radio and on TV."

This extra attention wasn't something Mr Workman minded but he was surprised when the calendar suddenly seemed to be in high demand. 

He said: "I started to get hundreds of people on the internet contacting me wanting to buy a copy of the calendar - I had only made two."

Mr Workman started up a company to manage the calendar sales and says it was an experience he "really enjoyed". 

He said: "I was then contacted by The Dull Men's Club and asked if I would be in their calendar which I agreed to and then that has led on to the book." 

The Dull Men's Club has more than 5,000 members, who are passionate about everyday ordinary things, things which others may find dull. 

Leland Carlson, assistant vice-president of the club, decided to publish the calendar and the book to celebrate the eccentricities of its dullest members. 

Mr workman said: "Now people are asking me if I am putting together another calendar for 2016, so under great pressure I have agreed. 

"One of the things I am really interested in is the manufacturing and design of the drain covers I have taken hundreds of pictures of them over the years. 

"I have found something that I am quite passionate about, I have now become a local eccentric and I'm happy with that - there aren't enough eccentrics around. 

"I haven't found this insulting I have found it an honour. Many people walk past drain covers and never look down. Part of my ambition is to draw people to look down because there's heritage in the gutter."

Mr Workman now sidelines as a professional speaker and will be giving his talk 'My Life in the Gutter' at the Coronation Hall in February.