A B&B owner who has dedicated her life to rehoming greyhounds has received the Evening Mail's Bouquet of the Week.

Jenny Stott, South Lakes branch co-ordinator of the Retired Greyhound Trust, has seen 380 pups go on to live better lives since 2004 thanks to her dedication and care.

Mrs Stott, who runs Beech Hill House in Witherslack with her husband, Stuart, fosters stray and abandoned greyhounds until she finds the perfect forever home for each dog.

Speaking after being presented with the bouquet on Wednesday, Mrs Stott said: "It was a nice surprise.

"We get greyhounds from all sorts of places. We have a group of trainers and we get them from vets, dog pounds and from people who are no longer able to look after them and we have strays.

"We run the B&B as well so it's like having two full-time jobs but it's seeing them when they come here and seeing how they change that makes it special.

"They are such beautiful animals."

Mrs Stott's passion for fostering greyhounds started when she came to own two greyhounds as pets. The first, called Bobby, was very easy to care for but the other, Penny, was very difficult and required a great deal of patience and training.

Mrs Stott explains: "If she was with the wrong person she could have just been sent back but she turned into an absolute angel.

"As a memory to her we decided to foster others like Penny who were struggling between the world of the kennels and the races and home life.

"We never thought we get into double figures but we're now been running for 12 years."

The length of time it can take to rehome each greyhound varies and each dog can be with the Stotts from anywhere between a day and a year.

Nicole Searle, a volunteer at the Greyhound Trust, put forward Mrs Stott for the Bouquet of the Week.

In her nomination, she said: "[Jenny] matches people's circumstances and preferences to the ideal dog.

"Not only does she work hard rehoming greyhounds but Jenny and her husband also run a successful dog friendly bed and breakfast in their home."