A FOUL-MOUTHED punter who punched a pub landlady in the face and threatened to kill her twice, has evaded jail.

Thomas Alan Younger – who was put on the sex offender register for 10 years for two sex assaults 2011 – was handed a 16-week jail term suspended for two years for his latest offence.

Magistrates warned him if he failed to carry out any of his 200 hours community service he would be back in court and on his way to HMP Preston.

Yesterday the victim Carol Lyon explained how customers in The Clarence public house were enjoying a Halloween fancy dress party when Younger and two pals came in and were swearing profusely.

The 45-year-old told Furness Magistrates' Court how in 28 years of working in the licensing trade she had never heard such "abysmal" and threatening language.

Miss Lyon said: "When they came in I had to ask them to stop using swearing. I was sat with my boyfriend's parents.

"When he failed to stop I asked him to leave but he refused more than half a dozen times. He kept asking me who I was and I told him I was the landlady.

"He then sat down between me and my boyfriend's mother and was still using foul language and I was becoming nervous as the threatening behaviour was getting worse. The barmaid Steph came to help me and I grabbed the back of his jumper but he went rigid and wouldn't move.

"I let go and said I was going to call the police.

"As I turned he punched me with an incredible amount of force. I stumbled backwards slightly and couldn't see. Blood was running down my face from my eye.

"He then said twice he was going to come back and kill me."

Younger told the court he had been the victim and Miss Lyon had not told him she was the licencee and she had "dragged him around". He said he had pushed her to escape.

Younger, 29, of Helmsley Drive, Barrow, was found guilty of assault and using threatening and abusive behaviour in the Ulverston Road pub, Dalton, on October 31.

Prosecutor Mr Lee Dacre said the defendant had 11 convictions for 17 offences which included sexual assault, witness intimidation, assault, threatening behaviour and drunk and disorderly.

The kick boxer, who teaches martial arts to disadvantaged children at the Dojo Martial Arts centre in Barrow, was also told to pay £200 compensation and an £85 victim surcharge.

Speaking after the sentence Miss Lyon said: "It's the right outcome I was just doing my job."