A HEARTBROKEN dad died after taking a cocktail of drugs aimed at easing the pain of losing his three-week-old son, an inquest heard.

Robert Kane, of Hartington Street, Barrow, was found dead in the house he shared with fiancee Sandra Charles on Valentine's Day this year - it was also his 36th birthday.

Mr Kane had been suffering following the death of his baby boy Mason and struggling to deal with his grief.

Miss Charles said: " I was his rock, I had to be there for him.

"He was doing really well and was at the gym every day.

"He was depressed but he was looking after himself.

"I just thought it was grief but I feel guilty because I should have taken it more seriously."

Coroner Mr Paul O'Donnell ruled Mr Kane had died as a result of a drug-related incident on February 14 this year, with toxicology reports showing more than four different substances in his system.

He said: "He had taken a cocktail of drugs.

"He was clearly unaware of the consequences of what he was taking.

"A good person has lost his battle with an addiction and he was trying to get help and confront an addiction which kept on wanting."

The court heard how Mr Kane and his partner Miss Charles had been out in Barrow on February 13 celebrating his birthday.

After lunch at the Ferry Hotel the couple went out drinking and it wasn't until the early hours when the mood became more sombre.

Fuelled by a mixture of sambuca, rum and vodka, conversation turned to the tragic loss of baby Mason, who died on June 29, 2014.

After a few arguments Miss Charles went to bed alone unaware of the traumatic day which would follow.

A number of prescription drugs such as diazepam and epilepsy medications were found to be in Mr Kane's system, as well as cocaine.

He had battled off and on with a heroin addiction since he was a teen and mother Ann-Marie called it his "main demon".

"He fought so hard with it and I feel so guilty I couldn't help him.

"I tried but I couldn't take his pain away," she said.