CUMBRIAN MPs have congratulated Jeremy Corbyn on his re-election as Labour leader.

Barrow and Furness MP John Woodcock described the past 12 months as "awful" for the party, as members and MPs became divided over their support for their leader.

Mr Woodcock and Copeland MP Jamie Reed have come under fire for their views over Mr Corbyn's leadership but are now determined to only look to the future.

Mr Woodcock said: "I still remain a dedicated member of the Labour Party and, most importantly, the servant of my constituency of Barrow and Furness.

"I have been forthright in my views on the recent direction of the Labour Party. My views can't change overnight but this is a moment to recognise the situation that we're in and try to make the best of it."

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Despite expressing his disappointment, Mr Woodcock is determined to put past differences aside and has congratulated Mr Corbyn on his re-election.

Mr Woodcock is now looking forward to continuing his work for the people of Furness and urges party members not to give up.

He said: "I will be focusing on making the case for everyone to benefit from the work we have secured on the Successor submarines, on the need to keep vital services at Furness General, and on ways to raise the aspirations and attainment of our young people who still lag behind many other areas.

"Finally, for those Labour supporters who are disappointed by this result, my message is this: don't give up, don't walk away and don't stop making the case for the kind of party that can change the lives of the many who need a Labour government.

"As Winston Smith once said in 1984, two plus two still equals four no matter how many people say you now have to accept that it equals five."

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Mr Reed also congratulated his leader on his re-election and is urging everyone within the party to remain united.

Taking to social media, Mr Reed said: "Congratulations to Jeremy. I'm staying right here. For every Labour member disappointed today: we need you now. Don't quit, don't split."