A PROJECT to raise dementia awareness in Barrow is calling for businesses to register their support.

Barrow Dementia logo. The Barrow Dementia Action Alliance launched this month at an event at The Forum in Duke Street, and is in the process of creating a master plan to decide how the project will engage and support members.

Businesses, shops and schools can sign up to become members of the alliance and get lots of advice and training opportunities in return.

Under the scheme, they will pledge to make small changes like having a 'no hurry' checkout lane in stores so people with dementia have less pressure when counting money, improving signage and hosting a Dementia Friend awareness session for staff.

The Evening Mail website is hosting a survey form which interested people can fill in and then be contacted by a member of the steering group.

Fiona Cloherty, who is currently the chair of the Barrow project, is urging businesses to back their campaign.

She said: "Our research from our event has told us that early stage diagnosis people with dementia want to live well in the community and this means everybody changing the way we think and treat anybody with Alzheimer's or mental health issues.

"Our feedback is particularly to involve post offices, pubs and shops.

"Retailing is the biggest bugbear for anybody with early stage dementia."

It is estimated that by 2050 there will be 3,000 people living in the borough of Barrow with dementia.

Nationally, there are 850,000 people currently living with diseases of the brain, such as Alzheimer's disease. That number is expected to hit one million by 2025.

Businesses becoming dementia friendly is a prime minister's challenge for 2020, with all industry sectors encouraged to develop dementia friendly charters and agendas.

In Barrow, the next step of the alliance is to form an action plan which will involve producing guidance notes to provide to members and help them decide and deliver on key actions.

For more on the alliance's work, visit the Barrow Dementia Facebook page here .