A BARROW man has appeared in court after the dog he was walking attacked and killed an 11-week-old puppy in front of its owner's eyes.

David John Mckenzie, of Broad Close, Barrow, pleaded guilty to being in charge of an out-of-control dog.

The 51-year-old was walking a banned pit bull breed off its leash in Flass Meadows, Barrow, when the attack took place.

Mr Lee Dacre, prosecuting, told the court how on July 22, Deborah Daniels was in her garden with her cavapoo, Millie.

A statement from Ms Daniels was read out, telling the court how she saw the pit bull push through her fence, towards her puppy.

She said: "I picked up Millie, the dog then came through the fence into the garden. I was shouting 'get your dog, get your dog!'

"The dog grabbed Millie. I screamed to the man to get his dog away. Millie was making an awful screaming noise."

Ms Daniels' son Jake and neighbour Margaret Stagg came to her aid, but Millie was fatally injured and died.

Mr Dacre said three weeks before the fatal attack, Mrs Stagg had complained to Mckenzie about the dog chasing cats - a warning which was ignored.

The victims suffered physical and emotional damage from the attack, the court was told.

Ms Daniels and Mrs Stagg were both injured by the pit bull, and pictures of their bleeding arms and hands were shown to the court.

Ms Daniels' witness statement said: "My son doesn't want to get another dog."

Mr Sean Harkin, defending, told the court his client and the owner of the pit bull - an elderly woman - did not know the dog was a banned breed, and had no knowledge of previous bad behaviour. The dog has since been handed over by its owner and destroyed.

Mr Harkin said: "He had no idea the dog would behave in this manner."

The Evening Mail reported the attack at the time, and spoke to Ms Daniels and Mrs Stagg.

Mrs Stagg said at the time: "I will see its little face for ever and ever. She was looking at me as if she were pleading with me to save her.

"I tried to pull the dog's jaws apart and Debbie threw water over it but I could see that she had died."

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Last month, McKenzie wrote to the Evening Mail in response to our coverage of the incident, insisting that the dog had shown no signs of savage behaviour prior.

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Presiding magistrate Mr George Butler sent the case to the crown court for sentencing, believing the offence too severe be be sentenced by magistrates.

Mckenzie will be sentenced at Preston Crown Court on November 25.