A BARROW man who took his own life was burdened by the fear of losing his job, an inquest heard.

Jeffrey Taylor, 55, of Kepplewray Drive, was ruled to have committed suicide as a result of five contributing factors which were said to have been weighing heavily on his mind.

He had told his wife, Donna, on the evening of June 3 2016, he was "just off for some baccy", however his family grew concerned when he did not return in usual time.

He was later found hanged at his late mother's home on Vengeance Street, Barrow.

The inquest, held at Barrow Town Hall, heard one of the key factors related to an incident in 2007, at tissue maker Kimberly-Clark where he worked, when a colleague was killed by a toilet roll cutting machine.

Kimberly-Clark was fined £180,000 in 2011 as a result of the tragedy which killed Christopher Massey, with the 28-year-old deemed not to have had sufficient training in using the equipment

In the months that followed, Mr Taylor was demoted due to a health and safety breach and for six months was afraid he would lose his job.

It was around this time when he first started taking the anti-depressant sertraline – the only substance found in his body when he died.

The court also heard there had been a dispute over a family will which had lead to pressures.

Coroner Paul O'Donnell said: "Jeff Taylor had a propensity for depression, he was a glass half empty man.

"He recently had several bereavements, including both his stepfather 'Chuck' in 2013 and mother in 2015, and had previously attempted to take his own life when he was 25.

"He was also dealing with animosity at work and had a dispute with colleagues.

"This was not simply a cry for help and Jeff intended the consequences of his actions."