A MAN who knew he was going to be reported to the police for an alleged sexual offence crime took his own life the same day.

An inquest was held into the death of Anthony Ducie, 55, at Barrow Town Hall on Wednesday.

On January 19, just after 8pm, police forced entry into Mr Ducie's home in Abercorn Street, Barrow, to speak to him about the alleged offence.

Officers searched the house before finding Mr Ducie hanging from a loft hatch in the back bedroom.

At 8.20pm he was pronounced dead by the ambulance crew.

The toxicology report carried out on Mr Ducie showed no alcohol or drugs in his system, meaning this was not a contributing factor to his death.

Three of Mr Ducie's friends saw him that morning and all said similar things, that Mr Ducie was in good spirits and it came as a shock to them because of his mood earlier that day not reflecting this.

Assistant coroner Paul O'Donnell said: "Mr Ducie was clearly suffering from a lot of stress later that afternoon.

"It was a highly emotional event being accused of committing such an offence and he knew the police would be coming to see him.

"The primary cause of death is hanging and it was his own deliberate act, he intended to take his own life."

Mr Ducie was well known in his local area and had lots of friends within his community.

He was known for having his allotments and frequenting at the local pub or betting shop. If he was not at these places then he could be seen out walking his two German shepherd dogs.