FASCINATED students saw science and engineering brought to life at the opening day of an exciting festival.

The Big Bang Fair returned to Furness College in Barrow today, with businesses staging a host of interactive science, technology, engineering and maths activities for young people.

The two-day spectacular, staged by C-STEM Ltd and partners, will welcome more than 1,000 primary, secondary and college students.

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This year the event has widened its reach to include primary schools from the outside the Barrow area, to promote STEM careers and learning to even more youngsters.

Pupils used pedal power on a bike to see if they could generating enough power for a TV at the Electricity North West stand.

The school groups worked with staff and students from University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay NHS Foundation Trust to see what is involved in a hip replacement and also see how hospital respiratory equipment is used.

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Callum Henderson and Jessica Allewell, both nine, of Greengate Junior School, said they are both interested to find out more about careers in health and medicine after visiting the NHS stand.

Callum, said: "The Big Bang Fair is really brilliant will also the stalls and equipment."

Greengate teacher Helen Woods said: "It's a fantastic event to get our pupils thinking about business links and the range of careers available. They can match their interests with careers."

Youngsters got the chance to do some anti-doping detective work with GSK Ulverston. The pupils worked with the company to test mock urine samples of sportspeople and find the cheats who had been using performance enhancing drugs.

Jake Smith, of 16, of Barrow, is just a month into the first year of his apprenticeship at Kimberly-Clark and is really enjoying his new role. The mechanical apprentice got the chance to discuss the apprenticeship route with students and teachers, including those from his former secondary school, Dowdales School.

Jake said: "Kimberly-Clark is a great company to be part of and it's good to be at Big Bang working with schools in the community.

"I was able to speak to students about what I did at school and then doing an apprenticeship."

Furness College had demonstrations from across the curriculum areas, include science experiments.

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C-STEM Ltd ambassadors from industry have been supporting the event.

Tony Gill, who coordinated the event for C-STEM Ltd, said:"The event is going very well.

"It's really bringing these STEM subjects to life for the pupils. They are getting the best out of these activities and working with the companies.

"It's the first time we have had primary schools from outside of the immediate Barrow area. We are widening the scope and making this available to more and more young people.

"We also have some new businesses this year."

The event partners include the main sponsor BAE Systems, Furness College, Barrow Engineering Project and the Royal Academy of Engineering and Furness Education and Skills Partnership.

The event continues tomorrow for different school groups.