PUPILS showcased diversity and learned about different countries in their latest school event.

Brisbane Park Infant School in Barrow held its annual Carnival with this year's theme being 'One World'.

In total, they flew 23 flags representing their diverse community.  

In reception, the focus was on America, in Year 1 Elf Owls looked at the Philippines, Year 1 to 2 Eagle Owls focused on India and in Year 2 Tawny Owls extended their knowledge of England.

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The children worked hard throughout the week in school creating lots of arts and crafts for the procession. Over the previous weeks, they practised songs to sing and dance to in their playground.

The school also had many volunteers, including local veterans, who helped them to prepare for the carnival making it a 'real community event', explained the Office Manager Samatha Clarke.

They were also joined by Hindpool Nursery who performed a chant and dance based on Ghana and Nigeria in Africa. Walney School's choir sang three songs and Dane Ghyll Primary School's performed a British sign language choir.

The headteacher, inclusion officer and office staff were the air hostesses flying all the children on Brisbane Airways to each different country with the headteacher from Dane Ghyll as the pilot.

Ms Clarke said: "Although British summertime weather prevented our usual parade and performance in the playground, all the children performed in the hall for each other and the other schools.

"We were later joined by parents so that the children could show their creativity and our place in a diverse society.

"The performances were emotional as children showed their confidence and creativity through dance, songs, poems and artwork. We are proud of our amazing children and the communities that surround our schools."