CancerCare has launched a new fundraising campaign - and one family has already taken up the challenge.

The 'Every Step Counts' campaign motivates participants to enjoy the scenery around the Bay landscape whilst also securing crucial funds for the charity.

Among the first to embark on this expedition are Lizzie and Iain together with their eight-month-old son, James John.

They aim to complete the challenge in remembrance of James’ late grandmother and his uncle, John.

Lizzie has greatly benefitted from CancerCare's services over the last 12 months after the untimely death of her brother, John, due to Sudden Adult Death Syndrome on March 14, 2023.

Lizzie said: "My Mum then developed a complex mental illness, and she passed away just nine months later on December 14 when James was two months old.

"I cannot find words to express the pain I feel for the rest of my family left behind."

Lizzie has since received a course of bereavement counselling sessions from the charity.

She said: "CancerCare has been a safe haven and shining light to me throughout this storm.

“I feel very fortunate to have found in CancerCare, a community of quiet solidarity where without saying a word you feel understood.

"My counsellor has been a constant in my life, helping me navigate a world that I've no longer recognised at times.

"I’m so grateful for this support and it’s why I've been moved to fundraise for CancerCare.”

CancerCare therapists imparted more than 10,000 hours of their time last year, working with and listening to both adults and children in one-to-one therapy sessions.

The total collected through this challenge, which carries on until April 2025, will help to maintain CancerCare's essential services for the community.

The fundraising endeavour has seen 12 walks throughout North Lancashire, South Cumbria and Barrow-in-Furness planned.

The difficulty of the walks vary, but an open invitation is extended to all regardless of their level of walking experience.

Participants can choose the order and timeframe in which they take on as many routes as they desire.

There's also an option to hire an electric tramper at three of the locations.

Registration requires a £15 donation which is reciprocated with a walker’s pack.

It includes an informative booklet containing maps and information about fundraising.

Participants will also receive a handcrafted crocheted toy bird to accompany them on the walks.

Walkers are encouraged to take a souvenir photo at the summit or specified viewing areas with the bird, and then share it on social media using the hashtag #EveryStepCountsCancerCare.

Completion of three walks will score walkers a bronze certificate, eight walks for a silver, and after accomplishing all 12 walks, participants will receive a golden certificate.

Lizzie, Iain and son, James JohnLizzie, Iain and son, James John (Image: Supplied)

The challenge was a perfect match for Lizzie's family, bringing back tender memories of simpler times.

She said: "My family would enjoy many a walk – even if wet, wild and windy - in the Lakes or around the Bay.

"Then, we’d head back to my brother’s or parents’ home for a mountain of sausage and bacon butties.

"It was kind of our thing, and it’s something I really miss."

The family have completed two walks thus far, taking along their special Uncle John and Grandma birds for the journey.

Lizzie said: “I hope that by joining in the challenge and fundraising for CancerCare other families will know that they don't have to go it alone and they can receive the same compassionate, nurturing and supportive care we have.

"We're so grateful to all our families and friends who have been so generous in their time and donations supporting us.”

To contribute to CancerCare’s £10,000 goal, please visit and search for Every Step Counts.