Students from Windermere School are celebrating after their International Baccalaureate results were released.

The pupils were delighted with their individual Diploma scores, but the entire cohort was also praised for its exceptional performance on the vocational Business course via the IB Career Pathway.

"We are proud of all our Year 13 students' efforts and achievements today," head Frank Thompson said.

He added; "We are a small school so to have four of our Diploma students score over 40 points (equivalent to 4 A* at A level) is fantastic.

"Out of a maximum score of 45, Greg gained 44 points and Katerina the maximum score of 45.

"This is truly exceptional."

The Head also emphasized the school's focus on vocational education.

Students were delighted on results day  (Image: Windermere School)

He said: "We also have a thriving Career Pathway with 89% of our students this year achieving a double Distinction (DD) in BTEC Business.

"The great success of these students will give our new sixth form students a real boost as they prepare to start their vocational pathway in Business or our new Adventure course next term."

The course has prepared students for a range of university courses.

Options includes Engineering, Veterinary Medicine, Philosophy, Politics and Economics, Chemistry, Theology, and Computer Science at multiple Russell Group universities.

Also included in the list were St Andrew’s and Lancaster Universities.

After performing strongly in the IB Diploma, Laura secured an apprenticeship at Airbus UK.

"Joining Airbus, I would get three years' work experience as well as a BSc.

"Making me more employable, especially working for a well-known company and being a STEM ambassador visiting schools whilst studying," Laura explained.

Other students expressed equal enthusiasm towards their future educational opportunities.

Mayumi said: "I’m really excited to be going to university.

"I’ve been looking forward to it since the age of 9.

"I am passionate about studying politics because it shapes the world and affects everyone.

"I stayed up watching the election to 3:30 am because I found the process so exciting."

While Gwennaelle shared: "I am going to study Economics and Mathematics at Maastricht University next term.

"I like it because it is fast moving and it is very international."

Katerina added: "I am looking forward to doing Chemistry with Mathematics at UCL.

"Chemistry is, in my view, the central science and I want to go into it in depth.

"UCL have a lot of modules which link Chemistry to Biology and Mathematics which lets me broaden my knowledge."