CUMBRIA Police are 'aware' of anti-social and dangerous use of off-road bikes and electric motorbikes and scooters. 

This comes after residents in Roose in Barrow said there were issues with anti-social behaviour caused by electric motorbikes. 

One said there were two black bikes with no lights and no registration plates travelling down Yarlside Road late on Sunday, July 7. 

She called it 'an accident waiting to happen' while another said the riders were wearing face coverings.

The police spokesman said they had not received a specific report of this incident but were 'aware' of the issue in the town. They said this problem was not specific to Barrow, with issues in West Cumbria and Carlisle as well. 

Town councillor Paul Griffiths said: "I hope the police can at least step up their patrols as I'm concerned for our residents and also for the youngsters flying around on these bikes, it sounds like there have been a few near misses." 

He said 'only by the grace of God' have accidents been avoided so far. 

The police appealed to anyone who witnesses this behaviour to report the issue to them. They said they are 'particularly keen' to hear from people who may have video evidence which can assist officers.

A police spokesperson said: “We take any report of dangerous or anti-social use of vehicles seriously, as there could obviously be consequences of using vehicles in this way.

“Our officers work to tackle this through a variety of ways including gathering intelligence on who is using vehicles illegally or in an anti-social manner.

“We also work with local housing providers to take action against tenants who use off-road bikes in an anti-social manner in the community.

“We have taken safe opportunities to detain riders and seize the motorbikes using powers under the Road Traffic Act.

“We have also taken opportunities to educate the public on the legalities of the use of off-road motorbikes and electric motorbikes and electric scooters.

“If people have any specific information as to who is illegally riding these bikes and where they are storing them, then please ring on 101.

“You can also contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.”