Barrow Raiders have addressed fan speculation over the 'financial pressure' currently on the organisation.

Recently, the rugby club announced it was searching for new directors to join the set-up having fallen short of the minimum levels stated in the Articles of Association.

Last Thursday, the club shared that it was 'desperately short' of people working behind the scenes, a statement that prompted some of the fan base to grow concerned about the position the club is in.

A spokesperson from Barrow Raiders said on Monday: "We are aware that there has been speculation on forums about the state of the club due to the lack of board members.

"It is no secret that there is financial pressure on the club, as there is with every semi-professional sports club without a sugar daddy but every staff member, HMRC, pension and Inland revenue has been paid and up to date.

"Speculation to the contrary, from people who may have their own agenda, does the club no favours.

"We would obviously welcome investment from potential board members or sponsors but in the absence of serious cash investment we have a group of people working incredibly hard without the tag of director."

Since the appeal, four people have come forward looking for further information about the roles available, said the club.

The club is looking for individuals to officially fill the roles of Financial Director, Commercial and Hospitality Director, Health and Safety Director, Community Director, Media and Marketing Director, Events Director, Ladies Sporting Director, Governance Director, and Business Development Director.

Those interested in taking on the responsibility can contact, with an Emergency General Meeting then possible to vote in the new directors.

The club looked to reassure fans that, whilst those roles do not currently have people attached, various staff members have been filling the voids.

The open invitation to join the board still stood at the time of writing with Raiders in the process of approaching individuals who they 'think can do a job for the club'.