A charity working across Furness has reopened its doors over a month after its initial closure.

Spearheaded by Irene Cannon, Furness Hedgehog Rescue - based in Dalton - announced that it would be closing towards the end of May.

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However, on Monday, Irene confirmed that the temporary decision had been reversed so that her long established efforts do not get thrown away.

She said: "I have a number of concerns that have been brought to my attention and although this is earlier than I intended, I feel I do not have an alternative.

"I do not want almost twenty years of hard work building up the hedgehog population in this area to go to waste.

"Over the next couple of weeks, hopefully I will be having my volunteers back and a couple of new ones."

Irene added that over 20 hoglets are currently under the care of the rescue centre, which was a large factor behind her decision to return.