THE new MP for Barrow and Furness says fixing the A590 to stop motorists from being 'cut off' from the rest of the country is one of her top priorities. 

Labour's Michelle Scrogham, who replaced the Conservative Simon Fell, said improving the area's infrastructure was among her most pressing concerns.

And she said changes need to be made to stop the A590 from leaving drivers stranded during times of disruption.

The A590 has long been a source of frustration for politicians and road users in Furness.

Mrs Scrogham said: "We've been like this since not long after I was born.

"That road went in and it hasn't changed much since and every time anything happens on there we are cut off.

"I would just like to have it run and function better. If we have a single accident we are cut off.

"The train line went down and we had an accident on the A590, the whole area was cut off.

"We are delivering one of the biggest engineering feats in the whole country and we have to be able to do that."

As a way of stopping roadworks from causing major disruption, she suggested looking towards the capital and how its roads are used to prevent congestion.

She said: "I think as a starter, I've said for a long time I would like to see the A590 have similar priority to the red routes in London.

"So if they are going to do work on it they've got to have permissions and they've got to tie in with all the other groups. 

"They can do work overnight - if it runs over time then fine - just to make sure they don't just stick a set of traffic lights and leave it for three days before they do anything.

"Just simple things - it's not rocket science."

Mrs Scrogham is due to be in the House of Commons as new MPs are sworn in over the coming days.

She takes up the seat having recently served as Ulverston's mayor.