A MAN has been jailed for breaching the terms of a long-running restraining order against a female complainant.

William Connolly, of Anchor Road in Barrow, admitted he had harassed the woman by contacting her via social media without reasonable excuse on May 10 this year.

Court records show this was a provision the 20-year-old was prohibited from doing by a restraining order imposed by South Cumbria Magistrates’ Court on January 31 2020.

The case was discussed at a trial of issue hearing on July 2 where conflicting evidence was debated by both the Crown Prosecution Service and a solicitor representing the defendant.

However, magistrates agreed with the CPS, and as a result, passed sentence to imprison Connolly for a period of 14 weeks.

When passing sentences, they said only a custodial sentence could be justified due to the seriousness of the offence.

Magistrates also said Connolly had shown ‘a flagrant disregard for court orders’ having breached the same restraining order previously, as well as being in breach of a recently imposed community order.

No orders for costs were made.