A CONVENIENCE store in Windermere has revealed its new Premier branding as the shop undergoes extensive modernisation. 

The former Heathwaite Store on Park Road was taken over by 22-year-old Marcus Parkinson, who described the prior shop as 'a bit run down.' 

The old signage was taken down, and the shop now has to conform the Premier franchise standards. There is also now a Costa Express sign on the shop. 

There have been no updates on when the store will re-open. 22-year-old owner Marcus Parkinson said that they are 'close to sorting' parcel services at the shop, and that they had installed new shelving units and rooftop lights in the 'beer cave.' 

Previously, Marcus said that hundreds of thousands of pounds had been put into the business.

 "We have to build everything to their spec," Marcus said. "We have to spend a decent amount on the store.

"It's a substantial sum of money - hundreds of thousands of pounds going to this shop. Every day I open new emails - all the electrics we need to upgrade. I'm sure when I get all the invoices I will be tearing my hair out."