A new honesty shed offering homemade, baked goods and sweet treats has been fast gaining attention since opening less than a month ago.

Diddies Bakes can be found tucked away inside a little pink shed on Roa Island.

The small business operates on honesty with a collection tin for people to pay what they owe.

This shed-full of baked goods is the brainchild of Lizzie Scurrell who came up with the idea as the best way to sell her cakes and other sweet treats.

So far the self-taught baker has filled the shed with brownies, blondies and cakes of all different varieties. Diddies Bakes also sells pick-n-mix sweets and drinks.

Lizzie said the plan for the bake shed evolved when she was on the way home from walking the dog in Coniston with her partner.

“We were discussing the best way to sell my baked goods," she said.

She said they talked about several different ways to go about it including selling out of an ice cream van or buying a food truck.

But after looking at a few ideas online, they decided that installing an honesty box shed in the front yard was the best plan of action.

Lizzie said the popularity and tourist attraction of Roa Island encouraged her.

“Being the spontaneous couple we are we set about buying the shed and all the equipment that night," she said.

Within three days, Diddies Bake Shed was ‘born’ and opened for the first time on Sunday June 9.

“I have loved baking my whole life,” Lizzie said. “Baking has always been a hobby for me.”

Making cakes and other desserts is something that has helped Lizzie cope with her chronic illnesses, including endometriosis.

Lizzie said: “At the moment I am very happy with the bake shed and completing bespoke cakes for all occasions.

“We don't have any current plans for anything else but I don't plan to stop any time soon.

“I am overwhelmed with the support online and very thankful for everyone’s support online and in person.”