BARROW'S Foodbank has praised the donations from singer Taylor Swift to charities as she embarks on a tour of the UK.

The Cumbrian charity said they were ‘delighted’ to hear about the singer’s generous donations to foodbanks throughout her Eras tour.

The international pop star has contributed to a number of foodbanks banks in each of the UK cities she has performed in.

Foodbanks in Edinburgh, Liverpool, Cardiff and London have benefited from donations after a string of shows were performed in each location.

Taylor has been credited with single-handedly providing a year’s worth of supplies to Liverpool Foodbank.

However, Barrow Foodbank ‘sadly’ recognised that the singer doesn’t have any upcoming gigs scheduled for the town.

So instead of waiting for their Wildest Dreams to come true, they are turning to local residents for support.

They said: “We’re hoping for some brilliant local support to build up our stocks.

“Any donations would be much appreciated!  Thank you.”

The food bank is asking for long-lasting, tinned goods including potatoes, veg, hot dogs and meatballs, as well as jars of pasta sauce and curry sauce.

They are running low on essentials such as toilet rolls, washing powder, shampoo and conditioner.

The charity is also in need of soup, cereal, biscuits, jam, rice, tea bags and cordial.