A CLEANER has spruced-up signs in Barrow and offered his service for free to one customer as a means of 'putting back' into his community. 

Adam Casson, 28, has lived in the town for all of his life. He runs GTD Services, which cleans gutters. 

On Monday, he cleaned a road sign warning drivers of elderly people crossing Abbey Road.

The work Adam did on a churchThe work Adam did on a church (Image: GTD Services)  

After cleaning the sign, he wrote on GTD Services' social media: "Although this is a busy time of year for us if you see any dirty signs that could do with cleaning up *FREE OF CHARGE* please send us the location and we will get round and clean them." 

"I'm very, very busy but the little spare time I have got I'll put back into the community," Adam said. "I've started doing the road signs."

On offering his cleaning services for free to one customer, Adam said: "It's to give back to people who are going through hardship. I have been through hardship myself. It just brightens the place up. It gives people a lot more pride in their community. I'm trying to do my best to give back."

Adam said that he will offer his services free of charge to one lucky personAdam said that he will offer his services free of charge to one lucky person (Image: GTD Services)

GTD Services will offer their services free of charge on July 15 to one lucky person who has fallen on hard times who thinks that it would be beneficial to them, and it can be for any job and it can be all day for whatever they need doing. 

Adam will choose a name out of a hat. He hopes to make this a regular event in the future. 

Adam busy at work cleaning the side of a houseAdam busy at work cleaning the side of a house (Image: GTD Services)

"It's only small - cleaning up a yard, cleaning a garden. If you can go outside and enjoy the space you have got it's nice to give them back - coming round and making a massive difference," he said.