PROBATION service workers were left fearing for their safety after a sex offender became aggressive towards staff, a court heard.

Magistrates were told Daniel Ross began shouting at staff at the Barrow probation office and caused staff to fear leaving the building when he was outside.

The 27-year-old Barrow man was attending appointments having been released from prison.

Ross, who the court was told is a registered sex offender, was convicted of using threatening or abusive words likely to cause alarm or distress at South Cumbria Magistrates' Court.

The court was told he was due to attend with probation officer Darren Waterson on November 3.

According to statements of those present, as he came into the office he was shouting in the reception area.

He was said to have been wearing work clothes but smelt of alcohol.

Ross was placed in the safe room at the probation because of past behaviour, the court was told.

During the appointment with Mr Waterson and offender manager Detective Constable Lyndsey Mitchell, Ross became aggressive, refusing to answer questions and was spitting as he shouted and 'foaming at the mouth'.

Ross was asked to leave and did so having initially refused to, the court heard.

When he left, the door automatically closed behind but he carried on shouting and trying to get back in the building, it was said.

The court heard he came around to the staff exit causing workers to have to stay inside the office when they were ready to leave for the day.

Describing the effect of the incident, Mr Waterson said: "I have to deal with many dangerous offenders but Daniel Ross was intimidating and bothering myself and my colleagues, who were afraid to leave the office whilst he was there."

The court was told that in a police interview Ross said he was on medication that caused him to become angry and lose control and was getting advice advice from his GP on changing it.

The offence was proved in his absence after he failed to attend court.

Magistrates sentenced Ross, of Sowerby Avenue, to a fine £660 and ordered him to pay a £264 victim surcharge and costs of £85.