A launderette has found a creative way of 'cleaning up' a wall of graffiti that could not be removed.

The 'bubbles' mural is located next to the main building Lizzie's Laundry on the corner of Lapstone Road and Wellington Street in Millom.

At first, the artist of colourful creation was somewhat of a mystery.

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John Gates, activities coordinator at St George's Care Home, came across the mural on Tuesday and said: "I took a picture of it to post in the local Haverigg Facebook groups and it appears that the bubbles are covering some graffiti that looked a mess.

"I just think this just shows the true spirit of Millom people - making the best out of a situation."

Since the image was posted in a Haverigg Facebook group, it has gained over 75 likes.

(Image: John Gates) It has now been revealed that the creator of the mural is actually the owner's son, 29-year-old Craig Giles.

Owner Liz Giles said: "Millom has suffered a spate of vandalism and graffiti lately.

"I came to work to see the wall covered in offensive graffiti and I understand the council tried to get it off but were unable to - it was written in water-repellent car paint.

"So I told my son to either go get some paint stripper or paint. He was worried about paint stripper however with it going all over the floor and being poisonous to dogs etc.

"He then laughed and asked if he could paint anything.

"I told him as long as it wasn’t offensive or rude it would be fine.

"Half and hour later he called me out and I saw the bubbles. It might not be Van Gogh but it’s better than what it was and my shop's landlord Arthur Ferguson, who is 99, is chuffed with it.

"I've had the women from the charity shop over the road say what a pleasure it is to now see that instead of the horrible offensive graffiti they always had to look at.

"Another business owner said that the yellow door now needs to be Spongebob.

"Craig attended Furness College and got a HND in art. I always said he should do something with it and I guess now he has."