A HAIRDRESSER who is one of the top ten finalists in The Mail's search to find the best in south Cumbria said she 'would be over the moon' if she won.

Pamela Gibson, 46, runs The Mane Man in the market hall. She has been cutting the hair of Barrovians for 12 years. 

"I'm made up with it" she said. "It's exciting news." 

When asked why she thinks she was nominated, Pamela said: "I've built up a regular client base. All of my clients I would call them friends. I've built up a good reputation in that respect. I have got that many customers - I know each of them all individually. 

"I try my best to fit people in - I only do haircuts. I do get busy quite a lot of my time I go out of my way a bit to accommodate people." 

When asked about why she thinks she should win the competition, Pamela said: "I would be over the moon if I did. I think I was more touched really - I've not told anybody to vote for me. Everybody has voted for me off their own back. All the hard work has took me so far."

She took getting into the top 10 as an indicator that her customers 'appreciate and respect' her work. 

Readers will be able to vote for their favourite finalist by picking up a copy of the newspaper between Monday, June 24 and Saturday, July 6.

After this final voting stage has concluded, the winner will be crowned as The Mail's 'Hairdresser or Barber 2024' during the week commencing Monday, July 15.

The Mane Man is the first of the ten shortlisted establishments we will be featuring over the coming issues to show our readers what they have to offer.

Tom Murphy, head of digital at Newsquest Cumbria, said: "Remember to pick up a copy of The Mail to give your favourite a chance to win."