A local group devoted to supporting those diagnosed with Parkinson's disease, enjoyed a visit from The High Sheriff of Cumbria.

Kendal & District Parkinson’s Support Group received a visit from the High Sheriff and representatives of Cumbria Community Foundation (CCF), who awarded the charity a grant.

On Wednesday June 19, two Parkinson’s Support Committee members, Group Leader, Jenny Bird and Group Secretary, Revd Richard Bielby met with the High Sheriff, Chris Holmes and his wife, Sue.

They were joined by CCF representatives, Learning and Evaluation Officer Becca Dunlop, plus Grants and Programme Administrator, Jeanette Halsey.

The group met for lunch at Hansens Ice-cream Parlour, where Jenny and Richard were given the opportunity to explain the various activities the support group provides to their members.

Parkinson's disease is a condition that causes nerve cells in the part of the brain that controls movement to die.

It affects more than 150,000 people across the UK and causes symptoms such as shaking, stiffness, movement and memory problems that get worse over time.

It has been clinically proven that the effects of Parkinson’s can be reduced by regular exercise, which has prompted the support group to offer weekly movement classes.

The High Sheriff was invited to joined in with a Dance and Movement Class specifically designed to benefit people living with Parkinson’s, which was led by Neurological Physiotherapist, Daphne Cuisine.

Jenny Bird said all the guests ‘enthusiastically’ took part in the movement class and enjoyed talking to participants afterwards.

Members of Kendal & District Parkinson’s Support Group meet once a month for coffee and lunch, they also offer two weekly movement classes, one on Mondays with Ronnie Gardiner and a Friday session with Alexander Technique.

They also provide support for carers, giving them the opportunity to attend a Caring for Carers Workshop or to undertake professional Counselling.

Jenny said the group is always looking to welcome new members and to contact rjbird08@gmail.com for more details.