THE latest polling suggests Labour is due to sweep to victory in Barrow and Furness amid a Tory 'wipeout' nationally.

The Conservatives are projected to slump to their 'lowest seat tally in the party’s almost 200-year history' at the General Election, according to a pollster.

YouGov said its latest study projects Labour to secure 425 seats, the Tories 108, the Liberal Democrats 67, SNP 20, Reform UK five, Plaid Cymru four and the Green Party two.

It noted such a scenario would hand Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer a 200-seat majority while it added Reform UK leader Nigel Farage is 'likely' to win in Clacton.

In Barrow and Furness Labour candidate Michelle Scrogham is projected to garner nearly 52 per cent of the vote. Conservative Simon Fell, who was elected to the seat in 2019, is projected to gain nearly 27 per cent of the vote, with Reform 14 per cent.

Mr Fell insisted he was still campaigning hard ahead of polling day.

He said: "I'm fighting hard for every single vote, and have been campaigning flat out through this election.

"The only poll that matters comes on 4 July - and I'm very glad to be fighting on my record of delivery for the area, and my plan for the future."

Labour was contacted for comment,

YouGov used a technique known as multi-level regression and post-stratification (MRP) to model the outcome of the election in every constituency across Britain.

It said the estimated seat projections were based on modelled responses from 36,161 adults in England and Wales, and 3,818 in Scotland, between June 11 and 18.

Several high-profile Conservatives, including Chancellor Jeremy Hunt, would lose out if the projection played out at the ballot box on July 4.

YouGov wrote: “Our new MRP has the Conservatives on their lowest seat tally in the party’s almost 200-year history.”

Savanta said its first MRP of this election campaign for the Daily Telegraph, in which 17,812 UK adults were interviewed, projects Labour would win 516 seats, with the Conservatives falling to 53 MPs.

Standing for election in Barrow and Furness are Simon Fell for the Conservatives, Michelle Scrogham for Labour, Barry Morgan for Reform UK, Lisa Morgan for the Party Of Women, Adrian Waite for the Liberal Democrats and Lorraine Wrennall for the Green Party.