A large scale prostate awareness testing event will take place in Barrow this Saturday (June 22).

The blood tests will take place at Barrow Raiders' ground from 10am to 3pm.

At the moment, the event is fully booked however last year, 13 men failed to show up for appointments costing organisers almost £300.

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There is a waiting list for those hoping to get a cancellation and those interested can call the PSA testing line on 01926 419 959 to find out.

The procedure is a simple blood test only and there will be no invasive procedure.

Member of the Furness Prostate Cancer Support Group, Flight Lieutenant Ralph Wilson said: "We will be testing 160 men (up from 125 last year). We have raised £4,000 for this but we are providing this for free.

"We will have MIND and Andy’s Mans Club in attendance. Barrow’s deputy mayor, Fred Chatfield is being tested and we may be seeing Michelle Scrogham, prospective MP for Barrow & Furness there as well."

To find out more visit the PSA Testing website.