A resident in Barrow described her shock as a huge RAF aircraft flew over 'extremely low'.

The woman witnessed the craft flying over King Alfred Street in Walney and described the moment it came across.

Posting in a local Facebook group, she said: "That military plane just flew right over my head as I stepped out the back door.

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"I honestly have never come closer to heart failure - the noise was incredible.

"It was extremely low and not on the normal flight path. I just stepped out to hang the washing.

"Never heard a noise like that before. My heart was pounding."

Other Facebook users commented to say they had seen it also with one saying they'd never heard one 'so low and loud.'

A spokesperson for the Ministry Of Defence said: "The aircraft in question was an Atlas C1 (A400M) conducting routine low-level training from its home station RAF Brize Norton, Oxon."

Atlas A400M C.Mk1 is one of the Royal Air Force’s most flexible transport aircrafts.

The craft can accommodate as many as 116 fully-equipped troops, vehicles and helicopters, nine aircraft pallets and 54 passengers with a max payload of 37 tonnes.

It can provide airborne intensive care treatment for up to four stretcher-bound patients and played a key role in the UK’s Covid-19 response.