A HAIRY Bikers fan has got a permanent memory after attending Dave Day.

Paul Lee, 51, was one of the thousands of people who joined the bike ride from London to Barrow in memory of Dave Myers.

As soon as he got back to his hometown of Suffolk he decided to 'play around' with images on his laptop to create a tattoo design remembering the day.

The design was then tattooed on his arm as a caricature of Dave's smile and moustache and text saying Dave Day 2024.

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"It is a simple one but I can look at it in years to come and think about the day," he said.

Paul getting his tattooPaul getting his tattoo (Image: Submitted) "It is not finished yet. I am going to add in the background some colour just because one of the themes for the day was to wear a Hawaiian shirt and seeing bikers wearing them was something prevalent throughout the day. It will bring more life into the tattoo."

Paul has been a biker for 30 years and is a fan of the Hairy Bikers. When they announced the bike riding in memory of Dave he decided it was something he 'was not going to miss'. 

This was his second time in Barrow. The first time was when he visited Greens Bakers and Confectioners after the business was featured in the Hairy Bikers show.

Paul Lee Paul Lee (Image: Submitted)

"It is a special feeling just to be in a group of like-minded people but more so this time - it was something I have never experienced before," he said.

"Once we got into the A590 and we started going into the towns and villages then that is when the procession slowed down and we could speak to the locals who were standing in the road - that made the day for me more than being in a group of bikers."

Paul was surprised by the high number of people's responses to his Dave Day tattoo. 

"They all love it. Loads of likes and comments. Maybe there might be a few others who would do the same," he said.