A MUSIC venue has organised an annual celebration honouring the life of a music lover and supporter. 

The Sunflower Sessions are Barrow Underground Music Society's (BUMS) annual celebration of Kara-Leigh Wilkinson, who died at the age of 29.

She was part of the team at BUMS where she shared her love for music and arts.

Kara-Leigh's passion for music was 'infectious'Kara-Leigh's passion for music was 'infectious' (Image: Submitted) The event is in aid of the charity Music Minds Matter and will include several performances.

Manager of BUMS Rob Dunphy said: "Due to her warm and shiny personality, we have received support from across the country and music industry to make this an annual event.

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"For example, Bernie Connor is a staple of the music scene in Liverpool since the 80's and immediately committed to support this event out of respect for Kara-Leigh. Che' Wilson and Motormouf have played here a number of times and supported the club from day one.

"There was not a question when asked to play this event. They made sure they could make it even with their mad busy schedules."

The Sunflower Sessions will have an eclectic selection of music from DJ Gripper whose live set will be streamed from Amsterdam, Bernie Connor and LP & TIF followed by live performances and DJ sets from some of Kara-Leigh's best friends.

Kara-Leigh and Dom Johnson of Moody BrewKara-Leigh and Dom Johnson of Moody Brew (Image: Submitted) Moody Brew are showcasing some new tunes closely followed by DJs Hash & Hunny until 1am when Che & Motormouf will be rapping, DJ'in, and beatboxing into the early hours. 

On picking Music Minds Matter as the charity for the day, Rob said: "They are the leading mental health support charity in the music industry and have been instrumental in supporting people that work and volunteer in small venues through some very difficult times in recent years.

"The afternoon will be a colourful celebration for everyone and this is a true celebration of life showing everyone the star that is Kara-Leigh, how she brought people together and shone positivity into hundreds of people's lives."

Doors will open at 4pm and £5 donation.