A DAD of three who suffered three strokes is raising funds for a 'life-changing' wheelchair.

Neil Jones and his partner Emily Blowers, from Barrow, are raising money for an all-terrain wheelchair to allow him more mobility and independence. 

The former soldier had hemorrhagic strokes in April 2021 and he spent months in a coma and neurological rehabilitation.

The 41-year-old returned home in December of the same year where he began to make improvements such as learning how to swallow, roll, sit and stand. 

He was previously handed an award for bravery by Cumbria Police after he chased down a sex offender.

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In the last year, Neil and his family moved into an adapted home after he lived in the hospital bed for two years. 

However Neil explained the wheelchair he currently has is not meeting his needs. Now he can get out alone but his chair is slow and has no front and back lights or indicators.

He has been able to bag £4,000 out of the £10,000 needed to purchase it.

"It will bring a bit more normality to my life and I'll be able take the kids down to the beach. It is life-changing and it will give me a better quality of life," he said.

"I will be able to go out on my own safely. It is not good with potholes. Every little bump hurts my skull because it is not attached properly."

Neil and his partner EmilyNeil and his partner Emily (Image: Submitted) Mr Jones opened up about how he had to make adaptations to his life after suffering the strokes.

He had to have parts of his skull removed to relieve swelling.

"I had to get used to it. This is my life now. I am an ex-soldier so I just got taught to carry on," said Mr Jones.

He explained he was 'grateful' for all the care and support his family has given him.

"My partner has done all my care since I came home because when I was coming home they were going to put me in a nursing home in Heysham but she took on my care work," he said. "My kids have also learned all the standing aids. I do all the physio at home with my partner."

Mr Jones said he was 'very thankful' for all the donations he has received so far from more than 170 people.

To make a donation visit his GoFundMe page here.