PDSA vet answers your questions...

Dear PDSA Vet, I’m thinking of getting a pair of guinea pigs, what kind of diet do they need? Thank you, Rhona 

Hi Rhona, The best diet for your guinea pigs’ is one that mimics their natural diet as much as possible.

We recommend the following, at least 85 – 90% of your guinea pigs’ diet should be a mix of hay and growing grass (not grass cuttings), one teacup amount of fresh guinea pig safe herbs and vegetables that are high in vitamin C, per guinea pig, per day – make sure to choose veg and herbs that are high in vitamin C to ensure they are getting enough from their diet.

Each of your guinea pigs should have one tablespoon of grass-based pellets per day, and they should always have access to clean, fresh drinking water.  


Dear PDSA Vet, my cat Ziggy seems to like to munch on grass when he’s in the garden, is it ok for him to do so? Thanks Raphael 

Hi Raphael, eating grass is perfectly safe for your cat and surprisingly, some cats enjoy snacking on grass from time to time.

Whilst it’s not completely understood why cats might want to eat grass, there are a few theories behind it. These include studies showing that grass may help your cat's digestive system by helping to expel hairballs, and that grass contains extra nutrients such as folic acid, that your cat needs in their diet.

You should keep your cat well away from grass that has been soiled by other animals, treated with fertilisers, herbicides or pesticides as these can be very harmful. Also make sure they’re not going to nibble on any other greenery or flowers which could be poisonous.  

Dear PDSA Vet, my dog Florence hasn’t got long left, she’s 16-years-old now so she’s definitely a golden oldie. How can I make the most of our last times together? Thank you, Margaret 

Hello Margaret, I’m sorry to hear Florence is reaching the end of her life. You might want to spend some quality time doing something both you and Florence enjoy doing together. Whether this is just extra time snuggled up on a sofa, offering some of her favourite treats, or pottering on some short walks, where she can have a good sniff, if she feels up to it.

Remember, Florence likely won’t understand why she’s getting extra attention or why you seem sad, and sudden changes to her routine might cause her stress and anxiety. If you do notice her feeling worried, keep her routine as normal as possible.

The loss of a pet can be extremely hard for an owner and knowing when to say goodbye can be really worrying, so be sure to look after yourself during these times too. Wishing you all the best and if we can help you further; please visit www.pdsa.org.uk/saying-goodbye


Dear PDSA Vet, I’ve heard cats prefer to be high up, rather than on the ground, is this true? Thanks, Becca 

Hi Becca, you are right, cats do enjoy being high up - whether it’s sitting on a windowsill, climbing up a tree, or lounging on top of a wardrobe at home, cats do like to seek out elevated areas to perch on as they are away from harm – no one is likely to catch them, and they are able to survey their 'hunting ground' undisturbed.

It’s important to make sure they have several opportunities to be higher up at home. You can do this by having ‘cat trees’, installing shelves that they can climb on, or clear areas like windowsills for them to safely sit on. Having several spots they can be up high can help them to feel safe, comfortable, and happy. More information about caring for cats can be found here: www.pdsa.org.uk/cats  


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