BIKERS formed an emotional ride by for an ex-biker who was too sick to attend Dave Day. 

Robert Carter, known as 'Bouncer Bob' to many, has pulmonary fibrosis and was taken to hospital on Dave Day (Saturday June 8) after falling ill.

This meant the 82-year-old missed the thousands of bikers who rode into Barrow to honour the life of Hairy Biker Dave Myers.

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The dad-of-three is very well known in Barrow after working as a bouncer in many of the town's nightclubs such as 42nd Street, 99 Club, Manhattans and many of the popular venues on Cornwallis.

He also worked as a labourer for Cumbria County Council and has worked in iron works and steel works.

He has two daughters and a son with his partner Doreen, ten grandchildren and 13 great children 
(Image: Stanley Kaye) Daughter Kelsey Carter, 50, who is a full time carer, said: "He absolutely loves the Hairy Bikers and will watch anything to do with motorbikes and engines.

"He's a former biker you see. He had a motorbike and sidecar but gave it up when we all came along. He'll talk to anybody about bikes and engines though."

Bob's family were disappointed he could not attend so they decided to do something extra special.

His other daughter, 58-year-old Belinda Carter, went to the Dave Day concert at Barrow Raiders Stadium in the evening.

(Image: Stanley Kaye) Whilst there, she spread the word to fellow bikers, and to London-based photographer Stanley Kaye, that her dad had to be taken to hospital.

Stan had just come up with the bikers from the Ace Cafe after arriving back in the UK from Normandy, France.

Between them, they arranged the drive by Bob's home on Thwaite Street the following day (Sunday, June 9) with Stan taking pictures.

(Image: Stanley Kaye) "His face was just a picture," said Kelsey. "It was a real family event. All his kids, grandkids and great grandkids were there.

"Around ten bikers drove by in the morning around 11am and then around eight came down in the afternoon.

"They didn't just ride by either, they stopped, got off their bikes, shook his hand and were talking to him about bikes and engines.

(Image: Stanley Kaye) "I put him to bed that night and he just didn't move. He was worn out with all the excitement and I think being by the front door had made him sleepy too.

"He said he really enjoyed and that it was a 'really good crack' with all the bikers."