Staff at a Barrow care home came to the rescue of a Mercedes driver after his car got stuck on a beach near Aldingham.

The man, from Ulverston, had stopped off at the Coast Road in his car during his lunch break.

Panic began to set however as when he pulled off to head for a doctor's appointment, he realised his car was stuck fast in the sand.

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The driver, who does not wished to be named, said: "A local policeman tried to help but couldn't.

"I called a local pick up truck but the quote was far too high. 

"I had an idea to call the Aldingham care home as I spotted a man on a 4x4 lawn mower at first, rather than the tractor.

"The woman who I spoke to on the phone was very keen to help as she recognised my accent as it isn't local."

(Image: Submitted) Nursing associate Nikki Walker quickly called 45-year-old Gavin High, who is head gardener at Risedale Estates.

He has been a gardener for 21 years and uses a tractor to cover the vast seven and a half acre estate which operates four care homes, including Aldingham.

Gavin said: "It was just a usual working day until a phone call to ask 'do you want to be a hero, there is someone stuck on the beach'.

"We're very well equipped at the care homes so I took the deck of my four wheel drive tractor and attached some chains.

"When I got there he was well stuck in the sand, the poor lad.

"I attached the chains and asked him to drive at the same time as me- we both drew forward and that was it then, he was free. Only took around five minutes.

"If I'd have spotted myself I would have done the same thing, it's just I didn't know he was there until I got the call.

(Image: Risedale Estates) The driver went back to Aldingham Care Home to drop off a bottle of wine for their trouble.

He said: "I didn't get a proper chance to thank them so I wanted to make sure they knew how grateful I was and that they got the wine. They both literally got me out of a hole.

Gavin added: "The wine has been passed on to me so I'm really grateful for that."