BAE Systems has lodged initial plans to demolish a former gas and fuel storage facility in Barrow to support the ‘future development’ of the site.

The company has submitted a request for screening opinion to Westmorland and Furness Council to determine whether an environmental impact assessment (EIA) is necessary for the demolition and removal of existing infrastructure on the former Spirit Energy site on Barrow Island.

Proposals also involve the creation of a level platform at 8.5 metres ‘to support the future development’ of the site. Ground levels within the site vary considerably, but generally slopes down from north to south, from a height of approximately 15 metres to six metres, planning documents add.

If screening from the council identifies significant environmental effects, an environmental impact assessment is necessary.

Planning documents state: “A stockpile of material will be created to raise the level of the remainder of the site at some point in the future. However, the timing of this is currently unknown and is not likely to occur within a number of years, rather it will take place as part of future redevelopment proposals of the site, which itself is not yet known.

“The future raising of site levels and future redevelopment of the site are not therefore considered as part of the proposed works.”

According to planning documents the total volume of material to be excavated is estimated to be 150,000 cubic metres. An estimated 70,000 cubic metres will be removed from the site to be disposed of at an appropriate facility depending on the physical and chemical characteristics of the material to be removed.

Approximately 80,000 cubic metres of this will be retained on site, with 18,000 cubic metres to be used as backfill of any required excavation and to level to 8.5m contour. Plans say 62,000 cubic metres will be stockpiled on the site for future use.

Plans add transportation will likely be by road; however, transport by sea is being considered. The works are planned to start in April 2025 and are estimated to take up to a year.

This screening request was lodged with Westmorland and Furness Council on June 10.