Millom Methodist Church has a new exhibition entitled Feeding of the 5,000 Community Art Project which features thousands of salt dough figures.

The figures have been touring Cumbria to reflect on the story of Jesus feeding 5,000 people.

The story says that from just two small fish and five loaves of bread, hardly enough food for two people let alone a huge crowd, Jesus fed 5,000 people.

The figures were made by schools, clubs and individuals in the Carlisle Mission Community.

They were officially made in 2018 and have been baked in the oven to keep them firm.

Minister Hayley Edmondson, of Millom Methodist Church, said the exhibition 'brings the story to life'.

She said: " This is one story that many people have heard of.

"The exhibition gives us the chance to reflect on the story. The figures really show the story in action and they highlight what would have happened.

"We hope people will visit it."

The exhibition will be in place until June 30.

All the proceeds made throughout the exhibition will be donated to Christian Aid charity.

The exhibition is free to visit.