Si King has shared his thoughts on whether Dave Day could become an annual tradition.

The Hairy Biker was speaking to BBC Breakfast on Monday (June 10) in the aftermath of the big occasion, which took place on Saturday.

In tribute to Dave Myers, tens of thousands of people travelled from London to Barrow, with over 200,000 fans greeting the convoy on the roads to Cumbria.

Relive Dave Day:

With how successful the day turned out, Si was asked if the spectacle was going to be a one-time celebration or not.

The Mail: Bikers travelling up to Cumbria. Image: PABikers travelling up to Cumbria. Image: PA (Image: PA)

He said: "Wouldn't that be wonderful [if it happened every year]?

"I think I may have to ask Woody (Jason Woodcock) in a weeka time and Lil (Liliana Myers) because Lil and Woody were really instrumental in making this happen and it was a remarkable, remarkable achievement."

Si said 46,134 motorbike enthusiasts were involved at various points during the ride from the capital to Furness.

The police estimated the number of bikers to be 20,000.

"There's not very many times when I'm speechless and overwhelmed, but it was just the most remarkable of days," he added.

"And my god, Barrow-in-Furness - they were spectacular, people opened their homes.

The Mail: Si King leads the Dave Day convoy. Picture taken from the High Newton bridge over the A590 by Wlodek Tych (Image: Wlodek Tych)Si King leads the Dave Day convoy. Picture taken from the High Newton bridge over the A590 by Wlodek Tych (Image: Wlodek Tych) (Image: Submitted)

"By the time we got off the motorway, it took us five hours before the final people in the convoy actually arrived in Barrow."

And then, as Si described, everyone involved 'had a party' to help preserve Dave's continuing legacy.

"It was the most remarkable, overwhelming sense of togetherness, of community, of kindness, of courtesy, of all of the things that make human beings who we are.

"The last 10 miles, myself and Woody, we just couldn't see, we were in floods of tears behind our helmets and shades."

Si admitted that Dave Day and the corresponding celebrations have helped him process his grief following Dave's death - but that it was now time to 'mourn' his friend properly after a busy few months.

And, if Dave Day is to be a one-off, then Si was sure that its lessons will still linger on how we can 'be more Dave'.

"Just smile and random acts of kindness, that's it," he said.