A HEALTHY eatery aiming to offer 'cheaper meals than McDonald's' is set to open next month - and has revealed its location.

Dumbbell Dining will be opening its premises at the former Special Occasions on Crellin Street in Barrow.

The gift shop announced its closure in November last year and officially closed its doors after Christmas. 

The new restaurant is being brought to life by co-owners David Poulsen and Tom Allonby, who share the goal of delivering an establishment that allows people to track macro-nutrients and calories easily.

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Speaking to the owners, they said they picked the building at Crellin Street due to its 'central location'.

Tom said: "It offers a large front of the shop so we can provide a dine-in option as well as our planned takeout and pre-packed chilled meals and it is a close walk to the old Debenhams unit, which BAE has invested in and will be opening soon."

(left to right): Owners, David and Tom(left to right): Owners, David and Tom (Image: Submitted)

As a local company, they said there is a 'huge gap' in the market for healthy eatery in Barrow.

Dave said: "Barrow town is full of kebab houses, pizza and pasta restaurants, and sandwich shops. There is nothing like this in the area - not within a 40 mile radius.

"Whilst there is nothing wrong with all the above in moderation, the town needs something else bringing to it, a healthier food choice establishment."

Tom added: "We will be offering healthy kids box meals as well as there is a noticeable increase in child obesity in the area, so we will be literally catering for people across the board and promoting a healthier lifestyle in the area."

The business owners are aiming to cater to those with different diets and dietary restrictions, including vegan and vegetarians. 

Tom said: "We’re aiming to offer affordable, nutritional meals and be cheaper than McDonald’s and other takeaways. We will also be introducing a loyalty card system as well."

The plan is to open the establishment on July 15 but the three weeks prior will be to make sure the shop is kitted out and operational for their clients.

They said they are 'unsure' whether to keep the outside of the building in the current light blue colour.

"We love the quirky design but will need to run it past the owner of the building if we want to change it," said Tom.

"We are both offshore at the moment but we hard graft when we are both back at the end of the month and hopeful for a quick turnaround ready for a 15th July open, if all goes to plan."